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Sriven Brick & Infra situated in Nellore, was incorporated in the year 2010. It is a vibrant part of the more than forty year old Sriven Brick & Infra group of companies. Since inception the company has promoted several landmark commercial and residential projects. Keeping with the groups vision of introducing innovative concepts, state of the art technology and products to the Indian market, Sriven brick as set up a precast concrete products manufacturing facility at Nellore. Sriven Brick & Infra the entire range of hollow blocks and solid masonry blocks, flyash bricks, interlocking pavers, kerb and flagstones, retaining wall blocks, permeable pavers and grid pavers, garden landscaping products, channel drains and custom designed products. These precast units are among the finest in the world and will satisfy the high standards set by the fast growing Indian infrastructure development industry.

Why Choose Us

Sriven Bricksare unconventional bricks manufactured from industrial wastes such as fly ash, cement, sand/stone dust. These types of bricks are nowadays used worldwide with gaining popularity over clay bricks.

Faster Construction​

Lightweight Blocks​​


Sound Absorption​

Thermally Insulated​

Fire Resistance​

Our Products

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) Blocks

CLC Blocks (Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks) are made of Cellular Light weight concrete (CLC) or Foam Concrete. Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is a light weight concrete that is produced by mixing cement and flyash slurry with pre-formed foam. These CLC blocks are competitive with red clay bricks in pricing and offer significant savings for finished structures.

To Reach us

Customer Reviews

I visited sriven factory they reached customer in a friendly way and explained chemical content used to make high quality. i recommend sriven bricks.

prathibha manu

Mr. Srikanth, a friendly vendor with deep knowledge on what he is dealing with. Best bricks from him which saved my time and money.

Habibuddin Shaik

Good quality with reasonable price in the market. They are explaining vey clearly about the quantity of materials which they are using and quality bricks.

Kalpana Bheemineni

    I used this light weight bricks for construction of my godown I saved lot of money labour thank you so much.

    Yeluru Vamsi

    After several enquiries, contacted Sriven bricks. It's really weightless with quality. Thank you for serving with good quality.

    Lakshman pemmasani

    Thank you mr Sreekanth your Bricks is very good quality and best price saved lot's of time . i recommended sriven bricks.



      Where are CLC blocks Used (Applications)?

      • Acoustic construction
      • Precast exterior walls
      • Roof insulation and waterproofing
      • Green construction
      • Additional floors to existing structure
      • Building material for highrises
      • Air-conditioned buildings
      • Low cost housing
      • Subways

      Raw materials used in Manufacturing CLC blocks

      • Portland Cement
      • Flyash
      • Water
      • Foaming agent

      Manufacturing Process of CLC blocks

      • For manufacturing 1 Cum of CLC bricks approximately 6 Bags of OPC 53 Grade Cement and 500 Kgs of Fly ash is added into a mixer.
      • Around 1.2 Kgs of Foaming agent diluted with 30 Ltrs of water is added and mixed thoroughly
      • Foaming agent allows airs to entrain the mixture making the slurry light weighted
      • One litre of slurry is collected from the mixer and weighed for density. If the required density is achieved, then the slurry is drained into trollies.
      • The slurry is then poured into assembled moulds of bricks of required dimension and is allowed to set for 18 to 24 hours.
      • Finished CLC bricks are taken to the curing area and are allowed to cure for 28 days. Good curing gives strength and dimensional stability to bricks
      • Steam curing is also used in some cases to reduce the curing period. This is suitable for higher production rates. Steam curing requires less labor, less production cost and better finish.

      How many CLC blocks are there in 1 Cubic meter (Cum)

      CLC Blocks Size Blocks per Cum
      600mm x 200mm x 100mm 83 Blocks
      600mm x 200mm x 150mm 55 Blocks
      600mm x 200mm x 200mm 41 Blocks
      600mm x 200mm x 250mm 33 Blocks